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Fioncab Multistrand Wire

Multi Strand Wire

Specially formulated heat resistant & flame retardant PVC insulation is used in making of these wires, which is suitable for wiring in all types of residential and commercial infrastructure, where fire and electrical safety is utmost important. 

Fioncab Submersible Wire

Submersible wires

With High abrasion resistance and lower power consumption, Our submersible cables are made up of the best quality raw materials which are procured from the best sources. Mostly used in households and various commercial places.

Fioncab Network cable CAT 6

Network Cables CAT6

These kinds of wires are used mainly for computer networks reaching a GB, 1000 Mbps, or one GBPS of data transfer speed (DTR) or higher, primarily required in Offices and corporations where high data transfer speed is required. 

Fioncab Multicore Flexible Cable

Multicore Flexible Cables

With various core sizes, these wires are suitable for wiring in residential and commercial infrastructures with higher ambient temperature, public places like schools, hospitals, theatres, etc. These are also suitable for fire-prone areas and chemical factories.

Fioncab Aluminum Cable

Aluminum Cables

Aluminum wires are primarily used for electrical wiring in houses, power grids, and airplanes. Since these are good conductors of electricity and easily available, light-weighted metal, hence being consumed heavily across the segment. All these properties of aluminum make it better to make transmission cables.

Fioncab Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cables

High quality is coaxial for cable TV networks for notch-free attenuation values over a wide range of frequencies. The special jacketing offers increased life even in rugged conditions. 

Fioncab 2 core Flat Wire

2 Core Flat Cables

These kinds of cables are being used to connect small appliances which are double insulated and have no connection from the earth. These wires are also safe for class-IIth  type of applications. 

Fioncab Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire

Speaker cables are highly recommended for use in connecting speakers, a public address system for clear and distortion free voice with low dB loss. Fioncab makes the best quality wires which are made of 100% copper wires.

Fioncab CCTV Cables

CCTV Cables

These cables are specifically designed to transmit complete video frequency with minimum distortion or attenuation for security and surveillance. This Cable is offered in two variants that is 4+1 and 3+1 CCTV Camera cable.